Well… it has to start somewhere

I am writing this post probably before anyone is interested in reading it, assuming anyone ever is.  I am awake at this time because my inconvenient muse is being more inconvenient than usual.

Let me explain what I mean by that, and the significance of this blog’s title.

I am a writer (in that I write, and I’ve finished something), but that is not my “job.” I am in the medical field, at the bottom of my field’s totem pole, working the hours nobody wants to work with people who are constantly judging me. Writing is something I do in my not so free time, usually when I should be doing other things like sleeping. It is something I do for myself, because I love it. It is interesting, exciting, and gives me something in my life which I have control over.

I don’t compromise my job, or my personal life, for my writing. In fact, since I started writing my ability to perform my job has improved dramatically. What I compromise for the sake of art is my sleep. A friend of mine, and fellow artist, told me that “a muse is like your drunken best friend who shows up on your doorstep at 2 am looking for a place to sleep.” She could not have been more accurate in this description. You see, around 10 pm, when I probably should be getting ready to sleep, I get a wave of creativity. I’ve taken to keeping a notebook beside my bed because these ideas that I get in my sleep-needy trance state are completely fantastic, and better than anything I tend to come up with when I’m completely lucid. My muse is inconvenient, but I would not trade it for anything.

Unless, of course, I could get the same quality work out of a muse which would show up 4 hours earlier. That would be cool.

Tonight is different. I am interested in writing, yet I find myself at an impasse. The book that I have been working on – the book which may have lead you, my future reader, to this post – is currently being reviewed by my beta readers. It is the final stage of editing before I go forward with epublishing, and at the moment does not require my direct attention. In the meantime I have been writing a short story about one of the characters by the name of Garren, which will be put up for free to entice you lovely people to give me a chance. I could be working on the short story, but what I really want to do is forge ahead to work on the sequel to the novel – unfortunately, I have resolved to abstain from writing the second book until the first one is completely sewn up.

So, I’m not feeling Garren’s story at the moment (it’s a little intense for the 2 hours I have left before I absolutely must close my eyes), and working on book 2 is a path I dare not pursue. That brings me to this page, this place, telling you these things in the hope that you might find the process of creating this work mildly interesting. I will keep updating this blog intermittently until the book is actually out, and then we’ll see where we go from there.

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