One of the authors who inspired me to take a chance on epublishing is Lindsay Buroker. The writer of the Emporer’s Edge series (which you should absolutely pick up here!), Lindsay also maintains a blog about self-publishing. She has mentioned several things that helped her get started in the self-publishing business – one of those things was publishing a short story. On that advice, I’ve decided to put a short story prequel to Tragedy up on Amazon to see what happens. That process is currently in the works, and I will update you when it is officially on the market.

Fathers and Sons was something I wrote both as a sample of my work, and also as a way for me to better understand Garren as a character. Most often I write in third person limited, but for this I went with first person present-tense, which very much matches Garren’s… utilitarian mode of thinking. I would like to write a couple more short stories from the perspectives of my main characters, if only to learn more about them for myself.

If I’m very lucky I will manage to make a little bit of progress on this promoting-the-book thing each night. I’m going to call tonight a win in that category. Back to packing up boxes… four more days till the big move!

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