Fae and Folly Cover Reveal

Fae and Folly is becoming its own thing. I’m developing a plot and everything guys, no joke! It’s even got its own little file on yWriter at this point, where I can get it organized for eventual kindle publishing. For now it continues to be published semi-weekly on this blog and on Wattpad, where reads are trickling in.

With the rising legitimacy of this series I was very pleased to learn from a fellow writer that cover artist Miranda Horton was offering free covers to a limited number of people in order to build her portfolio. After taking a look at some of her work, I anticipated that a cover by Miranda could only boost the readership for Fae and Folly on Wattpad. So far it’s doing its job. Seriously. Just look at it –


I couldn’t love it any more if I made it myself (actually, I’d probably love it less because I’m not a graphic designer!). Ms Horton was a delight to work with and I highly recommend her services if you’re looking for an artist.

Also, if you’re looking for the next scene in Fae and Folly, the wait is over. Check out Part 11 here on the blog or prettified on a Wattpad ap.

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