Books and Short Stories

Published Work: The Forsaken Lands Series (in order of suggested reading)

fns new

Available in e-book format FREE on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, and the iBookstore

Husband, father, and scout for the Kaldari Coalition of Tribes, Garren has no interest in the ongoing petty conflicts between his people and the Children of Elseth in the north. He lives a life of paradoxical peace in Kaldari border town of Plen. Unfortunately for Garren the fates seem determined to take him down a much darker path; one man’s mistake will bring a brewing war to his doorstep and change his life forever.

This 10,000-word short story told from Garren’s point of view is a prequel to the Forsaken Lands novel, Tragedy.

tragedy cover

Available in e-book and paperback on Amazon; paperback only at Barnes and Noble

Aia and Teveres hold the powers of life and death in their hands. As members of the assumed-extinct Deldri class, they are both blessed and cursed with the ability to protect their people from those that would harm them. When the leaders of their homeland are captured, the corrupt high priest of the capitol city has assumed control, and the warring Kaldari people have broken through their borders, Aia and Teveres are thrown together on a foolish mission to end the conflict… if they can only set aside the tragedies of their pasts.

broken for real

Available in e-book and paperback format on Amazon

Elden has been called many things – broken, impulsive, lazy, and telekinetic, among other less polite terms. A strangely gifted young man raised by strict disciplinarians, Elden has struggled to live up to his family’s expectations ever since he can remember. On the eve of his brother’s induction into Justice training Elden faces a series of crucial choices which will determine his fate in ways he would never have imagined.

Forsaken Lands II: Sacrifice

Available on Amazon

Trust is everything.

The world lies in pieces in the aftermath of Nivenea’s Fall. Captured and held against their will, Teveres and Aia’s only hope is that their friends may have survived a deadly battle, while Les, the lowly Baron of Pelle, finds himself thrown in with a ragtag militia on the losing side of a war. Separated from all they once knew, the Deldri must learn to trust not only their former enemies, but also themselves…or risk the destruction of their nation.

Work in Progress

Fae and Folly, an urban fantasy serial story


A full compilation of scenes can be found on Wattpad

I’m probably not much like the average faerie you’ve met on the street. As a bridger I have a responsibility to interact with the humans on terms they understand. Most days I look like a typical Capitol Hill lobbyist in my black pinstriped pantsuit, specially tailored to fit my 3’4″ frame and cut so my wings hang comfortably behind me. On my human-issued passport you can find my mundane name: Amelie Fletcher, agent of the International Fae Alliance. Living as a faerie in the human world is complicated – surviving life as a mundane-tolerant Fae in the faerie world might be even worse.

Cover Art Credit: Miranda Horton

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