For Authors

Writing a novel is a massive undertaking, and a whole lot of fun, too. The following links are helpful people and sources that I used for my own writing – and no, I’m not being paid to promote them, I just genuinely like them all. 😉 If you have a suggestion or a handy link to pass along, by all means, send it my way. I will try to update this page as I remember other useful sources.

Writing and Self-Publishing Advice

Lindsay Buroker is a tremendously successful independent author. I found her while browsing through some steampunk novels and picked up her free book, Emporer’s Edge. Lindsay has a great blog with tons of writing advice and practical tips from the self-publishing side.

Writing Excuses is my favorite Monday morning podcast. Only 15 minutes per episode, the hosts of the show give great tips on story concepts as well as the practical side of publishing. Their discussions are always thought-provoking and worthwhile. I love what these folks do!


yWriter is a free, wonderfully logical software program which I have been using for the last year. I don’t know what I did without it! Invented by a programmer and author, yWriter makes it easy to organize your chapters, rearrange scenes, and keep all of your background data intact. The progress bar alone was worth it for me – I’m a sucker for competing with myself trying to fill up my wordcount goal. It also has great export options for self-publishers. While I’ve heard that Scrivener is the go-to program for Macs, if you’re a windows gal like me, definitely give yWriter a try. You literally have nothing to lose.

Cover Design

The Book Cover Machine designed the latest covers for Sacrifice and Tragedy. I was extremely pleased with the work and the price!

Raechel Alexis Gasparac of R.A.G. Studios designed the first cover for Tragedy. She does excellent photography work in addition to digital design and paintings – whatever you’re looking for, there’s a good chance she can bring it to life.

Miranda Horton, cover designer and editor, worked up the wattpad cover (and eventual kindle edition cover) of Fae and Folly. She is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her as well.

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